JACO BoostPro Car Battery Jump Starter Review

Anybody who has been using jumper cables when their car breaks down knows how inconvenient it can be to jump start your car when there is no other car around to connect your car battery to. For this reason, many different products have been coming out to help people to be able to have the security that they desire without ever needing to worry about running out of battery power in the middle of nowhere.

If you are planning a trip and there is even a slight possibility that you won’t have assistance if your car breaks down, or anticipate that you will need will some extra power for your personal electronic devices, the JACO BoostPro Car Battery Jump Starter will be a great product to bring along. It is capable of jumping gasoline-powered cars up to 6.5 L or diesel engines up to 5.2L.

Durable Modern Design

This jump starter battery comes equipped with an aesthetically-pleasing design that comes with a fireproof casing that will ensure that your investment will last during high temperatures. Anybody who needs to use a jump starter and envisions that they might need a more durable jump starter that won’t break down easily will prefer this product over a simple pair of jump starter cables.

Fireproof Casing

Since this product uses fireproof casing, it will be able to handle extreme temperatures. This will be a great thing to use by the fire while you are camping to power speakers or mini-grills while still ensuring that your car battery doesn’t run out of juice.

This product will need to be charged routinely so make sure that you have enough power to jump start your car since this is what the jump starter is predominately for in the first place. Since it comes with an adapter that fits into standard outlets and your car’s charger, the best thing to do is make sure that you plug it into your car charger while it is not in use.

Each full charge of the battery will be able to jump start your car 20 – 30x, leaving plenty of room for using a full battery charge to power your personal electronic devices in the meantime while you are not using it for jumping your car. As long as you are sure to keep your battery charged, this device will be handy to keep around and use whenever the need arises.

Wide Array of Uses

The main premise of purchasing this product is that it is about the same size and price as an average pair of jumper cables but is capable of jumping your car without a separate car, while still being able to charge your personal electronic devices. If you want to save some space while optimizing the free space you have in your car for emergency situations, this is a great product which will prove to be very valuable if your car breaks down.

S.O.S. Signaling Doubles as Flashlight

If you are ever stranded out in the middle of nowhere and you still need extra assistance and you cannot jump start your car, you will still be safe. Make sure to always keep basic emergency equipment with you, like blankets and heaters, an S.O.S. signaling light which works as a flashlight as well, just in case you need extra light to see around your vehicle. Therefore, this jump starter will come in handy, as it has a signaling light.

Pros and Cons

Imagine having your car break down in the middle of a snowstorm, but you still have a peace of mind because you were sure to carry blankets and a portable heater with you. When your car breaks down, you pull out your JACO BoostPro and power up a heater and charge your personal cell phones while at the same time using the device to jump start your vehicle. You are back on the road within 10 minutes and you don’t even start to get cold.



600 amps peak power and 16500 mAh batteryLCD screen will waste battery if you don’t power it down
Jump starts vehicles up to 6.5L gasoline or 5.2L diesel 20 – 30x per charge
Included home and car charger to recharge your device for extended use
LCD screen
12-month manufacturer warranty

In a situation that might otherwise be dangerous, this product will leave you with no inconvenient or dire situations. It is perfect for camping so that you can have plenty of power to charge all the necessary electronic devices. With the LCD screen, you will always know how much battery is left on the jump starter.


If you are looking for a better way to make sure that you can jump start your vehicle without carrying around a bulky set of vehicle jumper cables, consider making this product your go-to for not just jumping your car but also for ensuring that you have plenty of extra power to charge your personal devices. Since it is powered by a separate battery, you won’t need to have another car around to assist with jumping your engine.

This is a great product to take with you on camping trips, boating trips, or any sort of adventure out to a place where you won’t have power outlets or other vehicles for helping you jump-start your car. If you are already using extra space in your car to store jumper cables, you will discover that this product will help you make optimal use of your space, while still costing the same as your average pair of jumper cables.

Since jumper cables depend on having another car around, and this product doesn’t, you really can’t go wrong with purchasing this product, especially since it costs nearly the same as the normal jumper cables.