Guluman Portable Car Jump Starter Review

If you are looking for a portable jump starter with a lot of power to jump start vehicles which typically need an extra boost with nicer jump cables, the Guluman Portable Car Jump Starter is a great product to consider. Instead of purchasing a normal set of jumper cables which only serve one function, this product can carry out multiple functions and is about the same size and price as your typical pair of jumper cables.

High Maximum Capacity

Since this device comes with 800 amps of peak power and 16800 mAh, it is capable of jump starting vehicles up to 8.0L gas engines and 6.0L diesel. This means that essentially all gasoline-powered vehicles are compatible with the device. This is one of the most powerful portable jump starters you will find and comes at the price that you would expect to pay for a high-end set of jumper cable which needs to connect to another running car’s battery to properly jump-start your car.

Temperature Resistant

When you need electronics, it is unfortunate that some of them will simply not work if it is too hot or cold in your environment. For example, most computers or electronics simply wouldn’t be able to run in extreme temperatures. This would be especially inconvenient if you need to jump start your vehicle in a situation like a winter blizzard or summer heat wave to ensure that you don’t ruin your electronics.

Thankfully, this device is resistant to temperature ranges between -20 – 60°C (-4 – 140°F), allowing you to venture out into extreme conditions with some peace of mind that your battery will work regardless of the weather conditions. In any case, not only will you be able to count on this device to jump-start your vehicle, but also keep your electronic devices.

Wide Array of Uses

If you want to have a set of jumper cables that do not need another running car’s battery, this is a great product to consider instead of an old-fashioned set of jumper cables. Additionally, a portable set of jumper cables like this allows you to have a universal set of cables which will intuitively select the voltage required to jump-start an engine, making it safe to use for most types of car batteries which need to be jumped.

You can also decide to use this device as a power source which can charge a wide-array of electronic devices, including laptops, cameras, cell phones, tablets, and much more, using the included USB and DC inputs. The only downside is that you will have to continually charge this device using your car charger or AC adapter which will fit the standard American outlet.

To save the battery, this device will power down when not in use, but you should still make sure to charge the battery up to full before venturing out into the middle of nowhere to ensure that you will have plenty of power for charging your devices, as well as potentially jumping your engine.

S.O.S. Signaling Doubles as Flashlight

There is also an S.O.S signal and flashlight included on this device for the worst-case scenarios where you might need some light in the dark for either personal use or to signal for help. Since this flashlight is designed to be used to signal for help, you can be confident that it will be bright enough to serve whatever purpose you need the light for.

Power-Saving Design

Another nice feature about this portable jump starter is that it will automatically power off when you are not using it. Many people forget to turn off electronics, and this habit simply cannot be transferred over to a device like this which needs to have its battery consistently near full to ensure that you can jump your vehicle.

Since this portable jump starter powers off in 30 seconds after you disconnect all electronic devices, you can ensure that it stays on when you need it to charge your devices and that it turns off immediately after you cease using it. This will be useful so that you don’t even have to worry about saving the battery. However, you will still need to remember to charge your battery continually.

Pros and Cons

Most portable jumper cables have a peak power of 600 amps, which makes this one stand out in particular for its extra power. If you have a gasoline engine or a diesel engine that won’t work with this power, this one might be your best option. It also comes with a 12-month warranty from the provider to provide some peace of mind that your investment will stay in a working condition.



800 amps, 16800mAh peak powerSome diesel engines might not be compatible for this jump starter despite the impressive power specifications
Included adapters to charge USB devices, laptops, tablets, cell phones, and so on
Can jump-start all gasoline powered cars and most diesel engines without a separate running car’s battery
30-second auto-shutoff when not in use
12-month warranty from the manufacturer

The main incentive to purchasing a portable jump starter like this one is that it is roughly the same size as your typical set of jumper cables and also about the same price. Except in this case, you will have a device that is capable of much more functions and can ensure that you never run out of electricity.


If you need the best portable car jump starter, this might be your best option. Anybody who wants to upgrade from the old-fashioned method of using jumper cables and connecting to separate cars, will be satisfied with this product. With about the same price and size of a quality set of jumper cables, this all-in-one power station will be able to ensure that you never run out of electricity or car battery juice on the go.