Can You Charge a Battery With a Jump Starter?

If you are looking to charge a battery with a jump starter, you either have an issue with your car’s alternator or you are simply looking to charge your car battery. It is important to note that your car has an alternator that is designed to charge your battery; however, the batteries will still need to be replaced over time.

Your car battery is designed to be charged without using any sort of mechanism that isn’t already present in your car. A jump starter is used when your battery needs an extra “jump” to get started. If you want to charge your battery with a jump starter, you have some options to consider.

What is The Actual Problem?

First, you need to discover what the problem is that is causing your battery not to have power. There are two potential problems – you could have a problem with the battery itself or the car’s charging mechanism. Usually, car batteries have a lifetime of about two years. Perhaps the battery is not charged because you left your car lights on for an extended period of time without running your engine, so you will likely need a temporary solution.

Jump Start the Vehicle

If you have another vehicle present, you can use jumper cables to temporarily start your engine. Normally, jumper cables can be very short. So to do this, you need to move a car with a working battery next to your vehicle. First, start by checking where the batteries are located on your car’s vehicle and the working car’s vehicle, and then position your vehicle next to the other car at the closest point possible.

Next, connect the minus black cable to the corresponding black bolt on each battery, and the red plus cable to the matching color. The working vehicle then needs to be turned on during this whole process because it will be important to help you understand what the problem is.

If your vehicle runs for a few days afterward, it means it will be fine. However, if your car continues no to start afterward, you need to either check the battery itself, the car’s alternator or the car’s charging mechanism.

Realize That Using Another Battery To Charge Another Battery Full Won’t Work

If you want to charge your battery with a jump starter, you are likely wanting to equip your battery to another battery of some sort to charge your car. This works when you connect jumper cables from one car’s battery to your dead battery and allow the working car to run and help jump your vehicle.

As stated, starting a vehicle with a jump starter is only a temporary solution and you should not expect to be able to give your battery a full charge using another car’s battery. You will instead need to either replace the battery itself or have a mechanic fix the car’s alternator.

Have a Mechanic Check your Car’s Charging Mechanism

Each modern vehicle is equipped with an alternator, which is used to charge your car’s vehicle while it is running. Whenever you are driving your vehicle, your car’s battery is not only being used but also charged at the same time by your alternator. If you are having a problem with your battery holding a charge, it is possible that the car’s alternator is not working properly. This is where a mechanic will come in handy.

If you take your vehicle to a mechanic, they will usually have plenty of equipment to assist with this process. They will either tell you that you need to replace your car’s battery or that there is something wrong with your car’s alternator. Hope that the issue lies within your battery, since alternators can be expensive to replace.

Replace the Battery

The easiest and most affordable solution to a dead battery is to simply purchase a new battery for your vehicle, unless you drive a hybrid vehicle. Keep in mind that you cannot simply purchase any battery and that you will need to be assisted during this process so that you can ensure that you purchase the right battery.

There are many different types of batteries that can be used to power different types of cars. For example, a battery that works on hybrid vehicles will be much more expensive and it simply won’t work on a typical gasoline powered vehicle.

When you finally purchase your new battery, you should realize that installing it is very simple for a common person to do. Unless you want to hire a mechanic to install your battery for you, all you will need to do is take all of the connected wires that were on your old battery and put them in the same place on your new battery. With the right tools, this process can easily be done within an hour.

Can You Charge a Battery With a Jump Starter?

Instead of trying to charge your battery with a jump starter, consider the jump starter to be solely for giving your battery the extra push it needs to allow your car to charge your battery for you. If you are having problems starting your vehicle and the problem is derived from a battery issue, the problem is either coming from the battery itself or the car’s alternator.


If your car battery is not working as it once was, it is logical to consider using jumper cables to charge your battery fully. However, this is only a temporary solution which doesn’t guarantee your battery will continue working for longer periods of time. Instead, consider purchasing a new battery, and in any case, have a mechanic check your car’s alternator to ensure that you don’t simply drain your new battery.

Instead of trying to fix your car’s battery problem on your own, find a trusted mechanic which you can depend on that will give you an honest opinion of what is going on.