Best Portable Jump Starter

When tasked with finding the best portable jump starter, there were a few things we had to consider. The first question being, of course, what constitutes portable? To us, it means that the majority of people could easily pick it up, carry it around, and use it to jump-start the battery in their car.

So, we knew it had to be lightweight. But there are many small jump starters out there, so we have to narrow it down. We also considered that it should be powerful enough to jump start most cars and SUVS, and should have a few extra features for the gadget lovers.

Nothing fancy, just enough to make it a multifaceted tool. All in all, it should be a useful tool to carry in your automobile for use in emergencies, battery related and otherwise.

After much research, we finally came to a conclusion. If you’re looking for a compact jump starter that is powerful enough to start your dead battery but small enough to keep in your glove box, the Beatit 600A Jump Starter is the answer.

Weighing in at only 2 pounds, the Beatit 600A can fit easily into most glove boxes and can be used for passenger cars, diesel vehicles and motorcycles.

The Beatit600A has an intuitive and easy-to-use design. The sleek unit has an “on” button and not much else, making it extremely easy to operate. The “on/off” feature is not a given- some jump starters don’t have them, meaning that the unit is always “live.”

Naturally, it also includes a variety of important safety features such as reverse polarity protection (making it safe for any car battery), short circuit and overload protection, and spark proof technology.

The clamps are simple but sturdy, and the cords are well insulated and not too short. The unit is shaped almost like a large cell phone, and lies down rather than standing up straight (top heavy jump starters can be a challenge to balance while you are trying to jump start the car), making it easy to use and, most importantly, super portable.

And since we wanted the jump starter to be a multifaceted machine that is useful for times other vehicular emergencies, we chose the Beatit 600A in part because it includes a powerful flashlight, and S.O.S light signal, and a compass.

On one side of the unit is a USB port, which can be used port and cable and can be used to charge any personal electronic that uses a USB, such as cell phones, cameras, and tablets. On the face of the jump starter, there are a series of indicator lights that let you know how charged your battery is in real time using a series of indicator lights.

Like all battery powered jump starters, the Beatit 600A needs to be kept charged. You won’t be able to charge it once and leave it in your trunk forever.

Because the battery will drain over time, you need to check it periodically to make sure that it is charged. However, the unit will fully charge in 5 and half hours.

Overall, the Beatit 600A is the best portable jump starter for a few easy reasons: it is small and compact, has a few extra features without being crowded and without too many frills, and is powerful enough to shock a car battery back to life quickly and safely.

It’s modern and simple design make it easy to use for everyone, even those who are less car savvy, and it’s extra tools like the compass, flashlight and USB port make it a handy tool to keep in the car for a variety of situations.

All in all, the Beatit 600A is the complete package- a safe and reliable choice for those of us who want quality, safety, portability, and utility combined with an easy to use design.