Best Lithium Jump Starter

NOCO Genius Boost Sport GB40

If you’re looking for a small, reliable, compact lithium battery powered jump-starter, you can’t go wrong with the NOCO Genius Boost Sport GB40. Lithium batteries are desirable in a jump-starter because of their long life span.

Lithium batteries last a long time and do not need to be replaced often. When you are relying on a powerful battery to restart the battery on your car, having a battery that is reliable and long lasting is very important.

When choosing a jump starter for your vehicle, reliability, safety, convenience, portability and ease of use are the most important factors. While we all hope to never have to use a jump-starter for our car battery, if you do end up on the side of the road or in your garage with a dead battery, you will need to be able to lift the jump-starter, operate it, and trust that it will do its job safely and effectively.

Small but hardy, the NOCO GB40 is a great choice for those of us who want power and reliability combined with the perks of having a small and highly portable jump-starter.

This little powerhouse rates 400 amps and can jump-start a car up to 20 times on a single full charge. The NOCO GB40 is suitable for many different types of vehicles, include passenger cars, motorcycles, ATV’s, diesel trucks, and other gas engines up to 6 liters.

The GB40 contains all the recommended safety features and boasts a simple, easy to use mistake-proof design. It is equipped with spark proof technology and reverse polarity protection. Sleek and intuitive, the jump starter itself is easy to use.

There is an “on” button, as well as a gradient light that clearly shows how charged the battery is.  The alligator clamps are sturdy and easy to grip, and the cords are thick and flexible, enabling the user to maneuver them to extend to find even difficult to reach batteries.

In addition to the safety features, the NOCO GB40 contains a few helpful extras. There is a powerful and bright LED flashlight that will come in handy if you need to operate the jump starter at night, and a USB port that enables you to charge any of your personal devices, such as cell phones, tablets, and cameras. The NOCO GB40 also includes a DC adapter, which is helpful if you need to charge it on the go.

These little extras make the NOCO GB40 a versatile tool- it can be used not only for jump-starting a car, but also for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities where you might not have access to a power supply.

Unlike other, bulkier models, the GB40 is small enough to fit comfortably in a backpack, and at 4.3 ounces, it is lightweight enough not to be a burden.

A few things to keep in mind with the NOCO GB40: as a lithium battery powered device, the NOCO GB40 should be kept well insulated if you leave it in your car.Lithium batteries often don’t perform well in extremely cold or hot weather, so keep it in its soft carrying case and make sure it’s kept insulated.

This is the best lithium battery powered jump starter because it is small, lightweight, and easy to use while also powerful enough to jump start the batteries of heavier vehicles. For very large diesel trucks, the NOCOBG40 might not be sufficient. NOCO has other models that are more powerful.

However, for the average passenger car or SUV the NOCOBG40 combines value, power, and portability, making it the best tool to keep in your glove compartment for emergencies.