Beatit Vehicle Emergency Kit: Great starter in a very compact package

One of the best things about having a car is the feeling of freedom. Free to travel anywhere, at any time, by simply filling up the tank and going.

However, many of us worry about our car breaking down, and leaving us stranded in the middle of nowhere. Imagine, being alone on a road, your car won’t start, it’s dark and you don’t know where you are: what would you do?

With the unpredictable nature of cars, having a form of emergency protection is a must and the Beatit Vehicle Emergency Kit is the best on the market. The Beatit Kit is multi-functional with an assortment of features.

It is basically a 6 in 1 device with a portable car jump starter, a vehicle booster, a battery charger, LED flashlight, S.O.S. lighting signal for help, and a compass. It has the ability of quickly charging devices, such as phones and tablets, and is one of the most powerful jumps starters, able to start a gas or diesel engine or a motorcycle engine.

The most important part is the Beatit Vehicle Emergency Kit is extremely safe with a lot of protection surrounding all of its features. It is a must have for every vehicle, to make sure you and your family can get to where they need to go, when stranded.


The Beatit Vehicle Emergency Kit is an extremely powerful and compact tool that will provide you extra safety when travelling on the road. Some of the features include:

  • JUMPSTART YOUR VEHICLE: whether it is a gas or diesel engine or Motorcycle, boat, etc. the Beatit kit uses 600 amps of peak current and heavy duty clamps and cables. A 14,000 MAh Capacity Battery
  • QUICK CHARGE: Huge battery/adaptive smart IQC charging technology charges 110% faster, saving your 50% of your time!
  • EXTREMELY MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: It is an Emergency Jump Starter, LED Flashlight, S.O.S. lighting, compass, power charger, and USB quick charge
  • SAFE: Features spark proof technology and reverse polarity protection, making it extremely safe to connect to the battery. Also includes Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and Overload Protection.


  • Easy to Use
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Safe
  • Powerful
  • Fast Charge


  • Potential to Lose Power Over Periods of Time


The Beatit Vehicle Emergency Kit is one of the premiere vehicle emergency kits in the world. It is extremely compact and measures 9.7 x 5.4 x 4.2 inches and weighs only 2.4 pounds. One of the best things about the Beatit Kit is its high-class multi-functionality.  It can easily be stored in your cars glove compartment.

Rather than buying a separate charger, a separate flashlight, and a separate jumpstarter: this tool has them all in one.

The start current on it is 250A, with its Peak current at 600A. The charger aspect has a USB output (for charging electronic devices) that runs 5V/2.1A and also 5V/1A.

As with all charging devices, the battery does lose power every year at approximately 10-15%.

It has a cycle life of over 3,000 times and can jump start 5.5 L gas or 4.0L diesel engine up to 30 times on a single charge. This is absolutely a great feature, as the charge lasts a decent amount of time.

Included is also a fantastic compass on the surface, helping you find your way home if travelling in the wild.

There is also a power indicator, constantly showing you how much power if left so you can plan to use your devices accordingly.

The package comes with:

  • 1 Beatit jump starter
  • 1 12V Battery Clips
  • 1 USB cable for smart devices
  • 1 Power Supply Adapter
  • 1 Car Charger
  • 1 Leather Bag
  • 1 User Manual


As with all devices, the Beatit Vehicle Emergency Kit is not the only one available for purchase. There is also the GOOLOO Emergency Kit.

The GOOLOO Emergency Kit is a tad more expensive than the Beatit Vehicle Emergency Kit and has many of the same features. The GOOLOO kit is a bit smaller in size and a bit lighter as well.

Just like the Beatit Vehicle Emergency Kit, the GOOLOO Kit is multi-functional featuring USB Chargers, a Jumpstarter kit, LED Flashlight, but it does not feature a compass.

It does, however, come with an 18 month replacement warranty which is a great feature that the Beatit Vehicle Emergency Kit  Black does not offer.

The GOOLOO Kit is not more powerful however, and offers the same amount of charges (roughly 30X on a vehicle) as the Beatit tool.


The Beatit Vehicle Emergency Kit is definitely a must have for any vehicle owner. It has the best features, when compared to its competitors, and is the best price on the market.

The best aspect of the Beatit is the amount you can do with this one purchase. I have continually used every part: the jumpstarter, booster, battery charger, the flashlight, and the compass and have never been disappointed.

The GOOLOO comes in a close second to the Beatit, but is more expensive with no added features.

The Beatit will continue to provide you safety, and you can rest well knowing you and your loved ones always have the Beatit in your vehicle. It is well worth the purchase and I highly recommend buying it.

For about $50.00 you can buy one of these units for every car you own and have the contentment that comes from knowing you are always prepared at any time and at any place to jump start your car by yourself.