Our interest in car jump starters began when one of our partner/owners was working out of his house in Ohio one cold winter day and went out to start his car and was confronted with a dead battery. Needing to get to a meeting that day he did the only thing he could. He pulled out his bike, pumped up the tires and proceeded to bike a couple miles to the nearest auto parts store.

Not knowing that car jump starters even existed he explained his plight to the clerk and got a very cursory education on jump starters. With a couple models to choose from he bought a mid line model for about $80.00. As he was the only one in the store the clerk asked him where he parked and he pointed to his bicycle lying up against the brick storefront. Laughing and being a good samaritan (and also being the manager) he proceeded to give him $10.00 off for his efforts on a very nasty cold day.

Well, as sometimes happens, our owner/partner decided he was a. going to make sure that he was never again without a car jump starter and b. going to make it his plight in life to learn everything about these handy little devices. This is what started us on our journey to bring car jump starters to you.

Since that cold winter day we have done exhaustive research on car jump starters and we take our recommendations personally since we know what it is like to have to rely on one. What you will find is that we have distilled our research down to the best and the brightest car jump starters. In our reviews you will find the good and the bad, the pros and the cons for each model. We do not hold anything back. We hope you find our reviews helpful and if you decide to buy from us then that’s great too.

The car jump starter team.